Premium Firewood

OWB helps take all the uncertainly from your firewood purchase delivering you a premium product and service unmatched in our area. I sell only seasoned, split, quality hardwoods consistent in length and size. OWB firewood looks as good stacked in your living space as it does in your hearth! I deliver your order with clean, modern vehicles and show extra care for your property and surroundings during delivery. Most importantly, OWB absolutely follows all the laws and guidelines detailed by the State of Ohio regulating firewood sales. These guidelines and are in place to protect you, the buyer.

1/6 Cord Stacking- $25 $90 + Tax
1/4 Cord Stacking- $25 $115 + Tax
1/3 Cord Stacking- $35 $150 + Tax
1/2 Cord Stacking- $50 $225 + Tax