Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is the practice of changing the angles of the wheels themselves to provide your vehicle with a smoother ride. You should have your wheels aligned every 11 to 14 months depending on the overall usage of your vehicle.  If you run over a big pot hole or have an accident and feel your vehicle start to dip off to the left or right you should have your wheels aligned immediately to avoid any other future problem or accidents. If you let your wheels go unchecked this rapidly increase your tires wear on the road and then leading to you having to get a whole new set of wheels and tires.


Benefits of Wheel Alignment

The main benefit of your vehicle should be it performs smoother whenever on slippery or slick roads. Also your steering should be more steady not pulling to the left or right whenever operating your vehicle. One of the biggest benefits of your alignment is that your fuel efficiency will increase by over ten percent. The reason for the increase in fuel efficiency is that with a misalignment causes your tires to drag instead of operating smoothly making your vehicle pull more weight which will make your vehicle need more fuel.  Lastly your tires should last longer do to the fact there carrying less weight and the uneven wear of the tires should decrease. For all your tire and wheel needs come see us at Barrett's Tire in Greenwood, SC.

Wheel Alignment from Barrett's Tire